The University of Leeds Ladies' Club

Spring 2020



As I write this message, I am beginning to think about Christmas and the New Year and reflect on the changes that have taken place in my own life. However, the changes I have encountered are very small in comparison to the changes that have taken place at the University since it was first opened in 1874.

We begin 2020 on Wednesday 22nd January with a visit to the Civic Hall to present the Lord Mayor, Councillor Eileen Taylor with a cheque for the money we have raised for the Lord Mayor's Charity, Leeds SARSVL. On this occasion, we have been invited for a Reception and Refreshments at the earlier time of 12.30pm. Please note also the earlier reply date. 

On Thursday 13th February from 11.00 -12.30pm we will visit the University Campus. There will be a tour of the Union Building, followed by a talk by Lauren Huxley, Union Affairs Officer, and Mr Steve Gilley, Director of Estates. Mr Gilley has led the development of 20 new buildings on the campus and an investment on the estate of £700 million. It is clearly inappropriate to expect the Union to provide refreshments, and so members might like to meet informally in the Refectory before and/or after the event for coffee or lunch. Details will be provided nearer the time.  

On Thursday 5th March Veronica Bird OBE, a former Prison Governor who has written a book about her life, will give a talk entitled “From Prison to Palace.”

On Sunday 5th April the Spring Carvery Lunch will be held at University House. The cost will be £22 and will include a reception glass of wine and a glass of wine with the meal. Guests may be invited and we hope that this will be a very happy occasion.

Happy Christmas and New Year!

Moira Wallace       December 2019


Reception and R efreshments with the Lord Mayor, Councillor Eileen Taylor 

Wednesday 22nd January           12:30pm -2:30pm 

Ark Royal Room, Civic Hall, Leeds 

Please assemble at the Portland Crescent at 12:15 

RSVP by 6th January to Mrs Gillian Roche at


Members only     No charge 



Campus Visit 

Thursday 13th February         11:00am -12:30pm 

Leeds University Union

The Union building is found in the centre of campus and was recently refurbished in early 2017.

Within the Union building, students enjoy facilities including two theatres, two bars, three cafes, a live gig venue, a rooftop sustainable garden, dance studios and many more.

You can also find offices for the university’s award-winning newspaper, magazine, TV and radio stations in the second floor of the building.

 Please assemble in the Union at 10:45am 

RSVP by 6th February to 

Mrs Gillian Roche as above

Members only No charge 

Afternoon Meeting  

Thursday 5th March                 2:00pm for 2:30pm

Fenton Room, Devonshire Hall 


A talk by Veronica Bird OBE

Barnsley-born Veronica Bird started out as a police officer on the beat. She switched to the prison service and rose through the ranks to be a governor in various prisons, including Armley in Leeds. Now retired from a career involving dramatic incidents such as prisoner escapes, riots and hostage-taking, she works with prisoner welfare charities.

From Prison to Palace


RSVP by 27th February to 

Mrs Gillian Roche as above


Guests welcome               £5.00



Spring Carvery   Lunch 

Sunday 5th April          12:30pm - 3:00pm

Great Woodhouse Room, University House 



RSVP by 27th March  to 

Mrs Gillian Roche as above


Guests welcome      £22.00